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This series of pattern ensues from researches and explorations of the Kelsh. I wanted to restyle the check and explore its readability limits.

Kelsh : Traditionnal alsatian weaving, it’s originally made with ecru and blue linen (pastel from Cologne, «Koelnish Blau»), and later ecru and red. The check pattern is formed by the crossing of the colored threds of the wrap and weft in plain-weave. From an ancestral savoir-faire and passed on in family way, it was use for the household linen.


My researches for this pattern were based on the major role of the rythme and the influence of the original module (horizontal and vertical layout) in the check.
The result is a visually strong surface.

Projecting this pattern in space, like on tiles or on a perforated partition, bring a tactile dimension.

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