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Experiments & Production

Textile techniques


Natural dying

Silkscreen printing

Sewing & Embrodery

Crocheting & Knitting

Research & Development

Surface pattern

Drawing & Composition

different styles

by hand and by computer

Placed design & All-over

Textures & Materials

Textile objects

The arts, design and textiles have interested me since I was a child. I chose to start my arts education early, firstly with silk painting lessons during primary school and at the same time I started sewing with my babysitter. When entering middle school I stopped silk painting and, although I was too old for a babysitter, I kept on sewing. Around this time I discovered architecture and photography. 

When I had to choose my courses at high school, regarding what professional field interested me, I already knew I wanted to work in design and picked a technological Baccalauréat in Applied Arts. This course consisted of regular high school classes but with less hours and extra specialised classes in History of the Arts and different creative practical classes during which we did projects like designers with user requirements and Design in English. During these three years my interest went from architecture to object design, via scenography. 

My next step was to study at the HEAR in Mulhouse to discover design in a more experimental way with more hands-on experience of making and practicing. 

I chose to continue my studies in Textile Design rather than Object Design finding that it suits me better and because it’s one of the first things I wanted to do since I was small. It’s kind of a dream, a place I like to be, a field I like working in and where I’m just enjoying myself like a child. It also allows me to work directly with my hands and let out my mathematic « nerd » side by making patterns. 

I have two principal ways of working with textile. On the one hand there is the purely textile material (thick wires of materials to make objects, weaving, ancestral techniques) and on the other hand pattern making (printing, embrodery). As I pursue my education at the HEAR and discover and learn new practices and techniques, my interest for patterns has become clearer. Thus my artistic interest is concerned with the grid in the pattern making.

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